Monday, November 28, 2011

Two Poems I wrote

Two poems I wrote. The first in class when I was bored and had a lot on my mind that learning was out of the question. The second at home when I was suppose to be doing homework but felt very inadequate. 

My poetry-writing skills suck quite frankly. I hate finding words that rhyme and I just can't write in this style. However I try and usually they turn out okay when I have a very troubled, muddled, and ready-to-collapse mind. So here it is: 

P.S. I hope you enjoy :)

First Breath

The long awaited breath was released
The breath of life, the breath of cause

The motion of my chest, up and down was a lie
A image of perfect life lies
I was alive, my beating heart told me so
However my soul, a hurt, a burn inside of me told me otherwise.
Cords bound me tightly, leading me towards who I was to be
"Guidance, miss," they told me 
"No heartache on this road"
I complied, not wanting to experience the pain knowing happiness can cause
But I felt it.

What started out as cords, restricting my movements, my actions
also became a blindfold
I was blind, scared of my own insecurities
Monsters that could eat my soul if let out
"No need to see the pain as well. You don't see, you can't feel. we know what will make you happy."
That happiness, that want for that feeling drove me.
I met people, they said hi
Then we moved on, face and names not seen or heard, voices forgotten
The chains slackened, the blindfold slipping
They knew what I feared. No need to make sure I was doing what I was told.
but their small mistake led to me freedom.

Along this road I continued
until I met a peculiar stranger.
No cords bound him when I shook his hand. 
And he could see for he complimented me.

He was smiling, I could hear because of the laughter that he sang
All this joyfulness despite the scars I could feel when I shook his hand
He ripped my blindfold off and made me see.
He knocked me down then made me stand tall.
He was stronger then them, they were scared of him.
I pleaded for him to stop, then I begged for him to help.
He never complied, he did as he pleased.
Then he left just like that
continuing on the road, stopping to help another bound soul.
It was then that I saw it, I don't know how I missed it
He had them too, bound on his body but instead of them leading him
He was leading them along.
Then I realized that them was a part of me
No matter how hard, I would always have them
Them were my insecurities
Them were my fears.
"We know what will make you happy."
They didn't know, they wished they did.
A smile graced my face, this time not a lie.
I stood taller then he taught my
My voice stern against the demons that once led me.
"You aren't me, so don't say you know who I am. We are one together, you are part of me. But you don't control me, I control you."
I looked up at the once stranger, prouder then proud.
He smirked and he nodded as he whispered these last words:
"We all have them, demons on chains, attached to our souls. Learn to control them. Take your life and learn to be free. Now you know your cause, your motivation for life. You've breathed for the first time, your long awaited breath. You've breathed the first breath of life and cause. Remember this moment and truly be free."

Loneliness, A painful past time
Each breath taken by instinct
Each breath taken selfishly, with no intent to live
Basking in our own sadness, tears of pity run down our cheeks
This burning pain in our chests,
the need to feel wanted and needed, overclouding all judgement
We seek after warmth, sometimes trenching too far north to reach it
Bitter snow, so numb, so sweet
We believe anything is warmth, even the cold hands of an enemy 

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