Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Time is a Time of Joy

You would think that once the season of thanksgiving or holiday-cheer hit that people would act a little nicer. 

That is a bunch of bull-crap. 


They are meaner and more aggressive. Risking their lives to get a parking spot or to get out of traffic. Then push their way through throng of people searching for the perfect gift for their friends and family. I mean, yeah, that is dedication. But if you have to hurt people in order to get it, you really need to think two things out:

1. Is the gift I'm getting for the person worth it? Is the person even worth it? Or am I just getting it because they are getting me something and I feel obliged? I mean if the person has been naughty this year then Santa wouldn't appreciate you giving them something. That's the whole point, right? But if you feel bad then do what Santa does, get them coal :)

2. What the heck is wrong with me? If I have to hurt little children or push old ladies over then I need to rethink my life. Very seriously.

So yes, if this is you, up above, rethink your motivations.

I love this time of year. Not only does it contain my two most favorite seasons but I love how everyone tries harder to be a little nicer. Whether it's because they are hoping for a present from Santa or they simply are feeling the special emotions that come with this joyful season.

Some people don't like this time of year because of the stress of finding a perfect present. So to make things easier for you guys I put up my Christmas list for you guys:

1. A hat, scarf, glove set
2. A book of poetry
3. Brandon Sanderson Books
4. A journal with blank pages (aka no lines)
5. Asian paper strips to make stars
6. Kitten (seriously, if I get one my mom can't say no)
7. Puppy
8. A whoopee cushion (my silly sense of humor to prank someone)
9. Any prank . . . stuff (watch out Encore)
10. A bamboo plant 
11. . . . 
12. A hug (a big, great, teddy-bear one)
13. A letter :)

I'm just kidding. This was purely for my family members who struggle with getting something for me. I'm not a picky person and don't show my emotions a lot so they have no idea what I love. Which is weird because they've seen the way I sniff the air constantly when I'm in the bookstore or the way my face lights up on Christmas day when I shop in Hobby Lobby. . . . Oh well.

Anywho, on to the subject of this blog.

As I was saying I love this season. I love sipping Hazelnut Hot Cocoa in the freezing cold. Watching the snow fall down, no matter how fast and incredibly scary it is coming down. I love watching the faces on people's faces, as they either light up or twist sideways as they open their presents from me. I love reflecting on Christ and on the reason he was born. The blessing I have received this past year and the things I have accomplished. I even like . . . ish reflecting on my mistakes and problems and how they turned out. Helps me see how much support and prayers answered I have received. 

I love going sledding with friends. I love ice skating and getting bruises on my bum. I love losing feeling in my nose and coming inside the house looking like rudolph. I simply love this season. I could never live in a desert (haha). It would be boring and I simply love the magic of things falling from the sky. Whether it is snow or rain I love the magic I feel when they come down in torrents or droplets. I feel as if they are blessings or promises of the future. They are sending a message to us. 

Just as the rain is a message of wiping away everything and giving you a new start so is the snow. However I love the snow more. It doesn't simply just come down wipe everything clean. It sits upon your mistakes and problems, hides them away from the world. However, only you are aware that they are there and slowly you know how to fix them. You know what to do, and you don't want to burden your family and friends with your problems so you slowly fix it. And with this Christmas time of giving you start to feel better about yourself. While rain is nice, it is only so with small, menial problems. Snow is wonderful for the big-life problems that we drown ourselves in. The snow freezes the water and gives us a chance to stand up on the water and find our way across the cracking ice onto solid ground.

Did I also mention how much I love the dates during winter time? You can go sledding, ice-skating, or my personal favorite: caroling for the homeless, in which you also hand out donuts, or the sick in the hospital. It is simply magical and I can't help but be giddily happy everyday of this special time. 

If you are scrooge (you know who I am talking about), take a step back and reflect. Yes you hate attention from receiving presents or you hate the stress. But don't think about that. Think about how much time the person reflected on you to give you that special present. Stop thinking about how much you have to do but reflect on all the time that is given to make this season special. It doesn't take a lot to make everyone happy. It can be a simple prayer for someone or a letter thanking them. 

That leads us to our next topic. Letters. I urge everyone to write letters to everyone in their lives that have made a difference or have simply been there for them. Write everyone from your church leaders, bishop, to a person who you simply notice at school whom you know could use a letter like this. Even write one to God. Yes a prayer is also advisable but I think he likes receiving letters as much as we do. Simply tie it to a balloon with a candy bar. We were made in his image so if our bodies crave chocolate then his must definitely so. Let the balloon go and watch it fly into heaven, he will get it I promise you. And if President Monson in the next general conference says that he received revelation from God thanking the special teens who gave him chocolate, you will definitely know you did something good :)

I hope everyone enjoys this Christmas season. If we keep Christ on our thoughts as we Christmas shop we will save little children and old ladies. We will also always have this special spirit, which i believe is the holy ghost dressed as Santa, with us at all times. 

With love,

Sarah Enoi Torgerson

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