Monday, September 19, 2011

Encore Debut Prank . . .

This story begins on a Saturday morning of September 17 of 2011. It takes place at a dock in Saratoga Springs. Lehi Encore was there taking pictures, four boys oblivious to the mind of an asian girl and what she was capable of. The pranking doesn't take place at the docks, no it takes place at the house of Miranda Williams. Everyone walks in and takes off their shoe, the first step to a pranking idea. Donuts and water were served, games played. Some left early, some left late. For the late-leavers it was a mistake. Shoes were scattered across the yard as the early-leavers left. One of them being the prankster, the little asian girl, the one no one suspects. Adrenaline starts rushing, her first bad deed of the school year forming in her mind. She runs across the yard after the early-leavers drove off, grabs four shoes and jumps into her car. She drives away, adrenaline still pumping. It wasn't until she got home that the guilt started to come. . . .

So basically I pulled a prank. Funny thing was that no one suspected me . . .  It's always the quiet ones you have to watch out for. Sigh. They never learn. But Gray, bless his heart, made it seem like a good thing. He got new shoes so . . . I guess I did a good deed. Austin, such as sweetheart, just wore mismatched shoes to school. He was cool with it but looking at those not-soulmated shoes made me feel the guilt start to build up even more. Tanner, such a weirdo, love that kid, just hugged his shoe as if it was a long lost brother or something. Chandler was the one that made me just burst from the seams. He was angry beyond words. Tanesha, bless her, took his yelling. So, yeah, don't pull pranks on Chandler. He won't take it well.

I learned my lesson . . . kind of. I still want to pull more pranks oddly enough. It was so much fun because I have been such a goodie-good girl my entire life this experience is like a drug. So if you want to pull a prank contact me. We should hang and let our devious ideas out. However I have rules:
1. It can't hurt another persons feeling. We have to know this person can take it.
2. It can't be illegal, though I have a list of "bad things to do" I will not do illegal things.
3. . . . I have no idea but I do have my limits.

Thank you Gray, Austin, Tanner, and Chandler for taking the brunt of my prank. I hope you enjoyed those Airheads I got for you. . . .

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