Sunday, September 18, 2011

Facebook Friends . . .

Dear friends who have "liked" my status,
Thank you for giving my something to write on and being wonderful friends. They say people come into our lives for a reason. I don't know if I believe in fate, it is something I've thought about but never could comprehend. I definitely know that there is something in store for us but it is up to us to take charge and go forewards. Yes there are roadblocks but we will always have friends to help us along the way.
All that was said is the truth. You are all amazing and I admire every one of you. Every single person on this blog, and many others, has inspired me in some way to be a better person. I hope with this blog to inspire people and allow them to see the world with a new perspective. To see them themselves as a beautiful, handsome individual.
Love your friend,
Sarah Enoi Torgerson

Emily Wirick: You cute girl, you :) You are an amazing pianoist. I enjoy being in your company. You are one of the sweetest person I have ever met. Your voice is matches your personality: soft, beautiful, and so serene. I enjoy being in Young women's with you and hope to get to know you better in this coming year.

Brittany Nielson: I am excited to be on Chinese council with you! I have seen your artwork and am amazed and honored to know someone with talent to the extent of yours ;) I enjoy singing with you in A'Capella and talking with you. Though we don't know each other really well, I know I can always talk to you about anything. You have such a humble heart and sweet spirit.

Samuel Loyd Davis: Oh my gosh! I can't believe you graduated (not in a "i think you are stupid" way just in a "wow you are going to college" way)! I enjoyed being in Chinese class with you for the past two years. You have been a source of many nerdy talks, which I enjoy because people don't talk smart these days, and fun comments. I better see a mission in the future, which I don't doubt because you are just an awesome guy :)

Sarah Kala Crandall: I still can't believe your parents knew my dad while he was on his mission. This world truly is small :) I am so honored to have you as a friend. I know I can always count on you for anything. You have such a sweet, calming spirit and I enjoy hanging out with you. Your pictures are gorgeous but you are even more beautiful in person because your inner beauty just shines out when someone is talking to you. You are also one of the craziest smart person I know. I know you have a bright future and in 10 years I can tell people that I know you because you will be famous :)

Tanesha Rae: I will be honest. I was scared of you and extremely intimidated by you when I first met you. However as I went to school with you and was exposed to your humorous nature I have lost that fear. You have a strong personality, something that is very hard to find in a person. I enjoy being in your company because I know I will always get a good laugh out of it. You are very sarcastic person and can laugh in any situation. I can't wait to work with you more in the future as your Vice Pres. :)

Lauren Larson: I miss you! So much! I hope you are enjoying College life up at BYU Idaho :) I can't wait to see you for Chinese New Year :) When you come back we need to do something with Lazy Asian. You are so sweet Lauren and an avid Sherlock Holmes fan :) You are kind to everyone and are amazing at speaking Chinese. I still have the pillow you made me for Christmas, it's on my bed. You are going to find a great guy, you won't last. Someone is going to snatch you up :)

Aunt Emily: You are a fun aunt! You are bubbly all the time and I enjoy hanging around with you. You are amazing at hair, I learned a lot from you. I enjoyed the family reunion in August and can't wait to see you guys again :)

Miranda Jarman: I miss you! So much! I hope you are enjoying college and are making new friends. But then again you are Miranda you make friends with everyone you meet :) You are a fun person to be around, you just bring such a brightness into the room and I have never seen you not smiling. You are such a happy person that it's hard not to like you. I hope I see you at the Chinese New Year celebration :D

Esther Rowland: I miss having you in young women's :( But I'm glad that we still talk. I can tell you anything and you are such an example to me. Your girls are really lucky to have you as a mom and they are gaining your kind heart and sweet spirit. I will have to come by and catch up with you soon, it's been to long :) Love You!

Amy Hanks: You are one crazy talented person! Your hands do amazing things. They cook good food, they make books, they crochet kawaii things, the knit, they sew, they scrapbook. Yeah, freaking amazing. I want to learn more from you so if you get a call one day don't be surprised :) I miss you in young women's but we are going to have another activity with you. I want to learn more from you before I leave for college :)

Yennie Nguyen: You are so sweet! You are so smart at math and I admire you for moving on the AP Calc. I'm happy that you were able to return from Vietnam and that we can be in choir together :)

Shay Stockstad: Oh Shay, you are just amazing. Your voice is one that I am incredibly jealous of and the thing about it is that you are so humble about your talent. I love your love of Avatar: the last airbender, Harry Potter, and Jack Skellington. I enjoy being in your company you are just so sweet and I can have a drama-free time with you :) I enjoy being in Encore with you and enjoy singing with you.

Ryan Ditty: I love how you told me you love everything Asian. It's funny quite humorous and I now promise to make you homemade Pho, eggrolls, and pho. You are so amazing at Chinese and I lessons. I can pay you with food. You are an avid Harry Potter fan and I'm jealous of your early entry into Pottermore. You are such a nerd, which isn't bad because everyone is one is some way. You are a handsome nerd though. I enjoy singing in Encore with you and can't wait to get to know you even better this year :)

Seulbee Lee: I miss you! Like, a lot! You are such a funny person to be around and am sad that you moved before we could hang out again. You are so talented Seulbee and am jealous that you can watch dramas without subtitles :) You are so sweet and blunt at the same time, only you could pull that split-personality :)

Pili Lee: You are so sweet! I miss you a lot! I hope I can see you next year of June when I come to China. We are going to be staying in Hong Kong for 3 days. I remember you being so quiet yet holding so much talent. You are so smart and musically talented. I see a bright future, really, really bright :)

McKelle Shaw: You have an amazing voice. You are also an amazing actress. You took me under your wing last year in A'Capella and I appreciated that very much. What you wrote about me on your blog made my day and your blog in general makes me smile. You have an amazing fashion sense and I wish I had your clothes :)

Aunt True: You are so . . . True. You have a personality in of its own. I enjoy it when you guys visit, it provides a source of entertainment. I love you guys so much and hope that everything is well up there. I hear snippets of Hmong but I get the gist of what goes on. I can't wait for the major vacation next year, though we could see each other sooner if you guys visit for Christmas :)

Uncle Bruce: My gangsta uncle, or least that's what I tell my friends. Makes me seem cool and chases any stupid boys away :) You are all though and all but really you are just a big teddy bear :) I miss you guys and love you so much. Our family is crazy and so disfunctional but I wouldn't trade it for anything :) P.S. You guys should come down for Christmas

Raven Kuran: I remember you from Seminary and as the girl who is shorter then me :) It's okay short people are just naturally cool, we don't have to work for it :) I don't know you that well but I remember you having a sweet spirit and strong Lehi pride :)

Uncle Robby: Oh me, Oh my. I miss watching you torture Mai. It was pure entertainment. You have such a sarcastic humor and fun nature. I miss seeing you but not the fear of you tickling me :) I love you one of my favorite uncles and hope to see you soon :)

Brenna Lenker: Darling I miss you. End of story. I haven't seen you in so freaking long. We need to hang out. You are such a fun girl to be around and I hope to see you soon okay? Okay :)

Zakkary Coomes: You are one fun guy. We don't have any classes together but we just became friends. I see you say hi to everyone and you are friends with every one of them. You are just a cool guy and I'm glad that I know you :)

Sung-Lee Suaste: Oh my gosh you handsome fellow! We haven't talked in so long :) I think you are such a down-to-earth kind of guy. I don't you extremely well but I certainly am a lucky girl that you gave me that note. You were so brave and I am so happy that guys like you exist in the world. Gives me lots of hope for college. That note made my day, actually year. I'm not a really outgoing girl and am called intimidating for some reason . . . but I'm glad you had that courage. I'm glad that I can talk to you and hope to see you face-to-face sometime soon :)

Matt Cranford: I hope you are keeping up with Chinese! I miss our old Chinese class, now it is so intense being the only girl among startalk geniuses. You have a sense of style. You don't just put on jeans and a shirt, you are always put together. Your music taste is amazing. You are also really smart. I didn't know that you were into . . . I forgot but I know you are really smart. Plan that mission you handsome studmuffin, you :)


  1. Sarah, you are sweet and amazing, and I consider my life to be blessed because I know you. It has been a pleasure to watch you grow into then young woman that you are. Love you!

  2. Ps--I'll teach you anything I can whenever! Just call. Serious!