Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Before I grauduate. . . .

So many of you have heard that I am a good-girl. I am. I really am. I have not done anything "bad". When I did (Encore Debut Prank) I ended up getting candy for them. Apparently that prank didn't count because of that kind action. So I compiled a list of things I want to do, to experience before I graduate. I hope people will help because it won't happen without your help.


1.Slow dance with someone under the stars: this has always been my dream. it doesn't have to be with that special someone. it can also be with a friend. non-the-less i want it to happen.
2.Nibble on something new: i can be a picky eater from time to time. i want to eat something that is totally out of my comfort zone. experience new foods and just be daring for once in my life. spiders are a big no-no though.
3.Take a hot air balloon ride: this is definitely a joint effort activity. but i can imagine myself riding freely in the wind. yes i am scared of heights but i am willing to overcome it for this joy ride.
4.Play flashlight tag: i know this is a childish goal, however understand that i want to just have fun right now. i have played boring old tag and freeze tag. i want something new and in the dark! adds more excitement that way :)
5.Go cosmic bowling: i suck at bowling. two girls with a broken toe and sprained ankle can vouch for me. i am also very awkward when i go up to bowl the ball. not a pretty sight. anyways it is an experience i am willing to go through humiliation for!
6.Eat ice cream for breakfast: i have never done this. i have health-nuts for parents so i'm ready to bring out the kid in me.
7.Try another hair color for a day: . . . i'm still debating this. i'll probably just do a strip or wear a wig. i can't do that to my hair.
8.Fill someone's room with balloons: this just sounds fun and spontaneous! it'll just be something you can tell your kids you did and it would make someone's day :) unless they are a balloon-hater in which case they needed it because obviously they did not have a childhood . . . 
9.Plant flowers for those who come later: i want to be remembered but not in a . . . popular way. just in spirit or to let those who go to lehi high that there had been others who had come before them and they made it. just like they will.
10.Plan a monthly friend outing: it doesn't need money. just a stress-relieving activity that will benefit everyone.
11.Wear pajamas all day: again childish but i have never done it. but it will happen.
12.Go on a blind date with no expectations: . . . don't ask why i am doing this. but as far as i know it is going to be fulfilled soon. oh boy.
13.Take command of the stage: one word . . . encore! but it doesn't have to be lead. singing back is very fine with me :)
14. Graduation vacation: i want to take a road trip with just me and a friend. it'll be fun but before that happens #39 has to be fulfilled.
15.Walk to class a different way: a stupid goal i know but you never know what you are missing or what opportunities could arise because of that small choice.
16.Try every flavor of jelly bean: it has been my dream for a long time :) and yes even the nasty vomit and booger ones . . . but i won't swallow it just try the flavor . . . 
17.Prepare to celebrate: if i do something good i want to reward myself. but only if it is something that normally doesn't happen and a educational goal that i want to do.
18.Read for fun: when was the last time it happened? yeah way back in middle school. so i'm starting now.
19.Stay up all night to talk: i did that once . . . only to find out my dear cousin sleeps with her eyes open at times. but i want to have a conversation about everything and just create an experience to remember.
20.Start my own library: i love books and i care for them like it's a baby. i want more and when i'm rich i will have a million-dollar library :)
21.Set a date for a rendevous: this isn't necessarily a date. just a fun activity to do without money at a park or to just hang out in the canyons. 
22.Go out on a limb: basically a random an in-the-moment act
23. Become a film-maker or photographer: just a dream i had and would just like to do.
24.Rent the classics: they're classics we all have to see them. that's all there is to it.
25.Have an all-chocolate day: i will be sick the next day but it is a fun challenge :P
26.Do people-watching: i have done this before (i know i'm a creeper) but it's a fun pastime.
27.Have a picnic: :)
28.Invite friends to a late-snack buffet: i love buffets, showing off my cooking skills, and late-nights . . . sometimes . . . so here is the combo.
29.Enter a writing contest: i have always been too self-concious of my writing so here goes!
30.Save memories in a scrapbook: i love art and keeping memories. simple as that.
31.Enjoy someone else's music: i hate rap but i'll endure it for a day to see what is "hip" these days because i don't keep up at all. i listen to scores, chinese, insturmental, classical, and . . . basically everything but rap.
32.Go to church with a friend: learn about other cultures and churches and gain strength in yours and understand the world better.
33.Play cards: childish yet again but i have only ever played go-fish . . .
34.Take a crash course in manners: i thought i had manners. but then i went to olive garden during all-state and sat next to brandon. i need way more lessons.
35.Howl at the moon: childish and stupid in one but hey it's spontaneous and it just sounds fun :)
36.Become a treasure hunter: someone can set up a hunt for all i care. i just want to "discover" something :)
37.Tangled lights: seen tangled? you know those lights? well i'm making one and setting it out on the lake :D
38.Learn to cartwheel and whistle and roll my r's: i struggle but i'm willing to learn!
39.Learn self-defense: i have been good so far in round-house kicking people who scare me but there will come a day when a big, scary man will try to kidnap me. then when i do my ninja moves on him i'll break my toe. no, it will not happen. ever . . . 
40.Laugh a lot: i want to be a happy person and be remembered as one. and i will be. i'll make sure of that :D

More will be added as time goes on but for now these are my hopes and dreams of creating memories that will last a lifetime. And that aren't illegal or will make me feel guilty . . . 

With much love to my blog readers,
Sarah E. Torgerson


  1. Number 34 made me laugh--Brandon would be like the best etiquette coach ever!

  2. I like number 37. We really should do it!