Sunday, October 2, 2011

Young Men and General Conference

So who else was spiritually enlightened. I especially thought that the talk by Elder Jose L. Alonso on time and prioritizing was specifically for me. General Conference is not just a time to sit back and be lazy while listening to old men talk. It's about listening to what our Heavenly Father has to say to us. He wants us to achieve and if church doesn't work then General Conference sure as heck will. It's like a two day boot camp for our soul. But one question has always lingered . . . . . 

Why do boys get two two-hour sessions every year while the girls only get one 1 1/2-hour sessions? 

My dad simply explained that boys need more enlightenment then girls. This sparked annoyance and amusement in me. 

Annoyance because I want to hear more talks. I love listening to the General Authorities talk. 

Amusement because of the difference between topics discussed at the sessions. For the girls we are praised and told how amazing we are. Then given advice on how to be even better. For boys it can be summed in this: "You suck! Man up! Go on missions! Date girls you losers!" Of course it is told in much gentler yet firm tones.

All I have to say is I hope you young men know how awesome you guys are. Yes I trash some of them, you can be so irritating sometimes but the young women do notice your good attributes. We see you pass the sacrament and admire your clam demeanor while doing so. You truly have good things to say and we take them to heart. We hope you go on missions. It is our one wish because we want to marry a return missionary in the temple and if you don't then . . . you get crossed off our list of prospective husbands. 

We only wish that all those listed above go with you to school. Sometimes you change your personalities for school and church. It bugs us and makes you unattractive. Please stay the same at school as you are at church. It makes you very attractive. 

Along with other prayerful girls,
Sarah E. Torgerson

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