Friday, October 14, 2011

Sarah Torgerson: You are one of my favorite people in the whole world. You're so nice, except to some people, and I would never ever want to be on the receiving end of your anger. I love your blog. Remember that sleepover over spring break when we watched Mr. Vampire? That was awesome. You should send me a list of good Asian dramas to watch.

This is what my beloved friend, Miranda Jarman wrote about me. She is so right :) but not in a conceited kind of way. I am a nice person but you really don't want to be on the receiving end of my anger. It's pretty deadly. I have given bloody noses before, teeth-shaped bruises, and a wounded ego. 

But don't think I'm evil or anything it's just this: I do not like bullies. And those physical violence happened in my dark days of Elementary school. 

Notice I don't use the word hate. I love everybody, I really do. However, there are some people who make me twitch and want to thrash. But I will never hate. Only ever dislike . . .

Still not good but I'm am working on the whole disliking people thing. But then we are all human and not everyone gets along with everybody. 

Now a day's I attack with words but only if I ever see you hurt someone else. 

Anyway's on to other things. 

Miranda I'm glad you like my blog. It makes me so happy when I find out someone reads my blog :D I'm glad I can be on your list of favorite people in the whole entire world. I am honored to be on that list. As for the sleepover . . . how can I forget? Lazy Asian, me, and you had tons of fun making eggrolls and watching Mr. Vampire.

As for Dramas . . . here goes the list:

-Devil Beside you (Chinese and one my my favorites)
-Boys over flower (Hot Korean guys, need I say more?)
-It started with a kiss (Girl loves boy, boy doesn't love her . . until the end)
-You're Beautiful (Yet another epic drama with hot Korean boys :) Jeremy is my                                     favorite)
-Sungkyunkwan Scandal (My most favorite actor is in there)
- A Millionaire's first love (Made me cry, really good)
-200 pounds beauty (Inner beauty rules!)
-The Gumiho's Revenge (Enraptured me until the very end. Very emotional)
-Nine-Tailed Fox (Romeo and Juliet Korean style)
-Personal Preference (hehehehe I love this one)
-Goong (Two hot princes pining for the love of one girl. One's a jerk and one is sweet. Which one does she go for?)
-Tamra the Island (Don't know what to say about this one. It's just good.)
I can name a lot more but these are must-see's for right now and all that I think of. Hope you enjoy!

Your asian friend,
Sarah E. Torgerson


  1. That list of dramas makes me really happy! I just finished Boys over Flowers yesterday and I've been trying to decide on a new drama to obsess over! I love you lots, Sarah dear. Keep blogging!

  2. Woohooo I found your blog! I love you Sarah! :)