Sunday, October 16, 2011

All-State Choir

This year All-State Choir was directed by  none other then 

*drum rolls*

Mack Wilberg!

He was such an amazing guy :) He is such a cute, little, old man. He told us we were amazing each time and gently pointed out what we needed to work on. I felt as if I was just improving each time but never did something wrong.

But not only was the director amazing but I learned a couple of new things about the Lehi Encore teens. 

So here goes:

Tanner: He likes to pop up randomly in pictures. Is a gentlemen. Helped Ali balance her way across some bars and is just a silent watcher. And his voice is just . . . amazing. I heard him sing for the first time and gosh . . . Why didn't I know him before?

Brandon: Knows table manners that can rival the Kings. His fashion sense is superb. And he can sing really, really high. Amazing falseto.

Jo: . . . He has a duck blanket . . scarf-thingy . . . He has no fear. Oh and a range just like mine. A soprano.

Ryan: Is a germaphobe racist. Just kidding it was just a joke . . . No he such a gentlemen and gave me his coat. Ryan is a cool guy, keeps it together. But I saw him lose it on Friday. He was on something that day. 

Graylon: Lent me his coat also :) I felt like such a princess that day. He loves pictures and no matter how much he says he hates them, he knows he is a studmuffin.

Sam: He is a quiet boy. And doesn't want to feel like he is intruding into our Encore group even though we wanted him to. He is such a gentleman and is genuinely polite.

Becka: Such a sweetie. She can be harsh though so watch out Encore. She's got a firecracker spirit. 

Rachel:Dear sweet Rachel . . . She loves the merry-go-round and pretending to be a mannequin. She refuses to take coats from people even though she is shivering like a chihuahua and it is thrust in front of her . . . :)

Cassidy:Such a little hottie. Can't take compliments but I know on  the inside she is pleased :) When put with Ali and Tanner they can get really . . . hyper. But we love them and enjoy their their humorous ways.

Tanesha:Likes to be alone sometimes but also she has a motherly side :) She takes care of everyone and tries to make sure they are all unified.

Ali: Loves making double-chins at the Camera :) When put with Cassidy things get crazy but again We love them! Encore wouldn't be the same without your humorous ways :)

Asian Buddies!

Yes. We fit 6 people on a 2-sitter.

Studdmuffin Encore Boys

 Gorgeaous Encore Girls

Just an example of how Tanner just pops in pics.

Rachel my literature buddy

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