Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day 10: Something you are afraid of

There is so many things I'm afraid of. Spiders. Snakes. Being bitten by a dog. The dark. People.

But what I truly fear  is people yelling at me or being angry at me.

I can take criticism. I want to improve but when you start yelling at me I break down and cry. I keep my composure until I'm alone. For another thing I fear is crying in front of other people. Not that I would seem weak it's simply I don't want to worry others or I just feel my wall breaking and it scares me. To have my wall break down in front of others. They shouldn't have to see that and I don't want them to.

I'm not a fake or anything. I truly am who I am. It's just that . . . there's a part of me, a vulnerable side that I keep contained around others. I'm strong with no fear of being weak. Just a fear of disappointing others.

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