Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Day 8: A place you've traveled to and where else you want to travel

I have been in many places. I lived in Taiwan for a while and have visited Thailand. Then I've lived in Seattle. All beautiful places and very green :)

See these monkeys? Yes they are pure evil. I remember hiking every weekend with my parents at a place we dubbed Monkey Mountain. I'll let you do the thinking about the namesake. Anyway they have pushed my little 7-year old body down and stolen my moms grapes from her hands. Tsk Tsk. Nasty little red-butt-face boogers.

In Thailand I got to ride an elephant. Quite exciting  and scary to. The local Thai's would sit on their heads and lead them with just a touch of their hand. Talk about communication.

I've been to New York and Rhode Island. I'm going to live there someday. (Rhode Island not New York)

I've been to Hawaii. Those are ducks you see. With scales around their beaks. Vicious little creatures.

Seattle. Love that place. I'm going to live there again as well one day. 

The Troll bridge :)
Love this bridge. I always feel like I'm floating on the ocean. It's quite a dream for a girl who can't swim :)

I would love to visit China. Especially the rice paddy fields. It's gorgeous and so green. Notice a trend here? I love green places. 

I would also would like to visit the mountains there. 

I would also love to visit Ireland. I love the gray days. But when the sun comes out at that place it's truly magical.

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