Sunday, April 15, 2012

Day 3: My first love

Me, with my day-dreamy, naive personality, has always believed in "Once upon a times" and "Happily Ever Afters". My first thought that came to mind about "My first love" was a person. . . But it can be any thing. "Happily Ever After" is happiness in its truest form. Despite everything you went through it's the one thing that you can go back to. Your comfort food, your stress-relieving hobby. For me it was the rain. I can always remember looking out at the rain and wishing I could just run out into it. Even in the humid land of Taiwan rain was my favorite weather. Seattle is my favorite place ever because of it's rainy nature.

There is something so magical about the rain. I feel so peaceful even through it's angry moments. I can play piano, read a book, or cook (or in my case attempt to cook) peacefully without a care in the world. After the storm or the light shower, I love how the sun breaks through. Making the dew on the leaves sparkle like tiny snowflakes. The pavement shine, blinding your eyes. Beauty in it's truest form, it makes it hard to not believe in a God.

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