Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Day 1: A recent picture of yourself and 15 facts

1. I want to have my blood drawn . . . badly.
2. I get scared really easily and am very ticklish. Very.
3. This first two facts lead into this: stay at least a legs length away from me if you don't want any bodily harm to come to you. This is for your own good and for my guilt-prone conscious as well.
4 I am half-Hmong
5.I am stupidly naive and naively stupid
6. I have random bursts of energy, like a 5-year old, that can only be satisfied by running around.  I want to one day just throw whatever it is I am holding and scream at the top of my lungs then proceed to run out of the room like crazy
7. I really want to get in a fist fight but come out unscathed
8. I'm not really 5'1" the nurse told me I was 2 cm off from 5 feet. So yes I've been lying to you this entire time.
9. I speak 2 languages, Hmong and Chinese, but I understand it more then I speak
10. I have a very broad music taste, I will listen to anything . . . except for rap . . . well it depends on the kind of rap. But still rap is crap with a c in front of it.
11. I have a fetish for making stars
12. I love, love, love, love Thai and Korean food. I can live off of those two for the rest of my life
13. I have a secret obsession for Culver's fried cheese curds, churros, and pretzels with cheese.
14. Family and Friends = VERY important to me. Don't mess with them . . .
15. I cry at everything. I'm very emotional. Puppies and rainbows . . . *sniff* they just get to me. No really I cry at happy moments, sad moments, and when I feel the spirit (even if it's a tiny little whisper)

Oh gasp! An extra fact!

16. I took a psychology color personality quiz. I am a blue and white, exactly even.

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