Monday, March 12, 2012

My first kiss went a little like this . . .

So it happened. Yes it did. The day finally came and you know what?

I don't regret it.

At all.

It happened over the weekend at work. I was on break with Madison and after she left, a certain person approached me. We talked and just like the movies said the fireworks came.

It just happened. Unexpectedly. I didn't even know what the crap was going on until five seconds after.

It was nice :)

Now all you are curious as to who this person is I bet.

This mysterious person is . . . .

*drum roll*

*more drum rolls*

No one. :)

Yes you read right. No one.

I'm just kidding. Did I scare anyone? If not I probably made you curious because who names their blog post this title and as many of you know:

I've not had my first kiss yet.


Not at all and I'm proud of it.

Please, like I would put my mouth to some nasty boys lips.

Who know's where they have been . . .


No. My first kiss is going to be with my husband. He already called it even if he doesn't know it right now.

It's funny learning when other kids my age already have had their first kiss. And are fine kissing left and right.

Don't get me wrong. It's perfectly fine. I'm not judging or anything. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I love hearing my friends stories about their kiss with their boyfriends or girlfriends. I think its sweet and makes me want to hurry up and find my future husband.

It's just that my mom taught me growing up that a kiss is something very special. In the Hmong culture if you even kiss a person you have to marry them.

If that didn't scare me just growing up with my "Once upon a time" imagination encouraged me to save my lips for someone special.

I know that my future husband will probably have kissed many girls. Totally fine. I'll just guilt him like my mother does with my dad :)

I know many people say that they regret their first kiss. I don't want to regret mine. So the key solution is to just save it. Or if you wouldn't mind kissing, make sure it's the right person.

Call me an idiot or look at me weirdly but hey, I'm a dreamer. A big one and I won't settle for less.

P.S. I would totally be fine if I was kissed on stage for a play or performance of some kind :) That's my guilty thought process around this :D



  2. 1. Haha I did this to freak people out :D Glad it worked
    2. I wrote it originally to just talk about first kisses because of an event that took place and decided I would have fun and mess with people's minds :D Glad that worked.
    3. Katie you would be the first person I tell :) You know it