Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Laugh at yourself.

If anyone knows me then they know that I have an ability to laugh at myself. I guess you can call it a talent but I just am not afraid to admit that I am a big dork. This week has been full of those dorky moments more then usual but I can look back and laugh. So let me tell you stories of embarrassment about little 'ol me:

1. This past Sunday I did something that I don't think I can live down. It's pretty bad. It starts out with my dysfunctional father telling me that the youth session of Stake Conference was at 8 then my mother telling my sister it was at 7:30. I was still half-asleep and getting ready at 7:30 when my sister rushed in telling me we were late. We get there around 7:45ish and I peek through the doors and see that it is full. Not wanting to disturb the talk I decide to go through the back. At the sound of my sister's heels meeting the gym floor heads turn to stare at us. We sit but they continue to keep staring. All I could think was Rude . . . 

Then I realized one thing . . . 

It was all men. . . 

I had just interrupted the Priesthood session and while the Stake President was giving a talk and it was during a spiritual part . . 

Oh Crap.

I turn red and promptly make for the door as fast as I can with my sister, who was oblivious to everything, whispering at me, asking where the crap I was going. 

I turn back around to see my Stake President turning red, trying hard not laugh while trying to finish off the very, very spiritual story he was in the middle of giving. 

Later on after the youth session, which was at 8:30 mind you, my Stake President shook my hand and made a comment that very slightly referred to my mistake that morning. 

Gosh he made it sound like I wanted to go to a meeting filled with stinky boys learning how to be more gentlemen-like . . . 

2. We were at a restraunt. I had just come out from the restroom and I sat down at a table. I was texting someone very avidly, not aware of my surrondings. Then a voice spoke out

"Um that isn't your seat." I was confused. Why would my family say that to me. I look up to find that it wasn't my family but another family of Asians. 

My family was in the corner laughing their heads of. Worst thing was I've been sitting there for 5 minutes and they said nothing to me.


3. This happened while I was alone. It's not that bad but still pretty embaressing. It was super windy. I get out of my car and quickly move out of the way before the wind shuts my car door furiously and basically kills me. I get up and walk but I can't move. I'm stuck. My shoe is stuck on the ground. I could twist and slide but it wouldn't move from the certain spot. For 5 minutes I'm out in the freezing cold before I realized something. My dress had got caught on the door. I wasn't frozen to the ground. The car was trying to eat my dress. 

4. I can't go cross-eyed. My whole life I've gone knowing that I could. People laughed at me but who doesn't. I laugh at other people who go cross-eyes. 
The real reason they laughed is because my left eye goes down and my right eye does this weird dance in my eyelid. 
If I'm feeling extra nice one day, you can ask me to show you :)

5. I can't control my body when I am being tickled. People have been victims of my uncontrollable abuse. Adam Mosely got punched where it counts. And some poor boy I do not know had my big EMT book thrown into his body, sandwiching him into a wall. He was basically bug who got squished by a fly-swatter. Plus plenty of other people. I also get scared easily. Way to easily. You can stand next to me and still scare me. My reactions are sometimes . . . . let's say embarrassing. 

6. There is more but I'm lazy to type anymore. Just ask I have plenty. My embarrassing stories have given people prank-ideas to do to other poor, innocent creatures. 

But I've learned to laugh at myself because yeah it's embarrassing but . . . in my sick, twisted manner of thinking, as a friend tells me, it makes others laugh. I like making people happy. Though I refuse to intentionally go do something to embarrass myself. It has to happen naturally. And it it happens. It happens :)


  1. you are so funny. and absolutely adorable. (: I bet priesthood session was awesome... 200 guys and there eyes ALL on you (: WIN.


  3. Ali: Oh thank you! :)

    Katie: Yes. I know huh? I've got more stories. I think Heavenly Father is messing with me this week. Something has happened to me everyday to test, I think, my emotional capacity to handle situations like these.